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The five components of good health

Baby Boomers and good health

Unfortunately as we humans age our bodies tend to go south. We are protected for a good many years if we are careful with our diet, physical activity and actively looking after ourselves. But wear and tear do creep in, often slowly over time until something goes wrong.

From about the age of 50, the body starts to become weaker, posture declines and stress, coping with life and world issues can take their toll.

At Chiro4You we encourage you actively plan to counteract as many of these as possible.

We believe that there are five components to good health:

  • physical
  • mechanical
  • chemical
  • environmental and
  • mental/psychological

When you have these in working order, you can enjoy strength, maintain posture, enjoy peace of mind, good health and feel so much better.


To maintain physical health, you need to engage in physical activity. Especially if your work, or day to day routine, involves sitting for long periods. A well-rounded physical regimen will help you stay in shape. To keep your body strong includes cardio workouts, such as brisk walking, jogging, running, swimming, bike riding, etc. A thorough weight training session at least a couple times a week is also a must in order to maintain muscle mass.


Mechanical health issues range from poor posture, back, knee, neck and shoulder problems. Some of this can be corrected by seeing your chiropractor, but the best medicine is prevention and/or a combination of both. So maintaining a good posture and being aware of using your body correctly, such as bending when you lift, avoiding awkward positions, especially for extended periods of time. Also be aware that when you are at work, or undertaking any physical exertion, that you can lower your risk of mechanical problems.

Colder weather can also cause your body to fill stiff. Try to stay warm enough to avoid mechanical body troubles brought on by the cold.

Be aware hat when you are cold, it is easy to turn to comfort foods and drinks; the health effects are worse if you overdo it by overindulging to the point where you gain weight and suffer inflammation.


Stress and health problems can also emerge from chemical issues, such as pollutants, bad nutrition and poisons in the environment. As much as possible, try to avoid polluted areas. If you drive try to avoid peak traffic, especially heavy vehicle diesel fumes.

Pay attention to nutrition when you eat, in general make healthy food choices. There will be times when you want to indulge, but keep these times to a minimum and even then, try to choose the healthy versions. Learn to read the labels on food packaging, check out the health section of your supermarket, or if you do have some problems with your weight, seek help.


Environmental health issues can be brought on by both extreme heat and cold. It is important to have the right measures in place beforehand to ensure that you or your loved ones stay cool and hydrated during summer and warm during the winter. Pollution, allergens, pesticides, magnetic fields such as those from microwaves and mobile phones and devices may cause health issues. There are ways to minimize such hazards with just a little patience and putting into place a few practices, such as washing or peeling foods, using an earpiece, etc.

Mental and Psychological

Work, bullies, money problems, negative social issues, the daily news, relationships and loneliness can all impact on your body. Working through problems to get to the heart of the matter requires patience and sometimes hard work, but has huge benefits to your mental and psychological health. Don’t be afraid to seek out the help you need. Adequate rest is so important too.

Stress kept under wraps can flare up leading to arthritis, colonitus in the gut as well as allergies, ligaments, tendons, musculoskeletal complaints, aches and pains and stiff joints.