Effective care plans

Chiro4You’s Dr Steve Treloar’s Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Dr. Steve from Chiro4You

I’d just like to talk for a short while about the progress of care.

When people first consult a chiropractor, the main thing that they’re looking for is relief of some sort of ache, pain, or symptom of a different type. 

We usually structure care into three different stages.

Of course, initially, you’re looking for relief, and this period of time usually lasts from days to weeks as the body is starting to undo some of the damage that’s been done in the past.

Visits at this stage are usually more frequent.

As the condition improves, we can add more time between the visits until you get to a point where we can say it’s starting to stabilize.

Once your condition has begun to stabilize and you’re feeling better, then usually it is a time when you can make a decision about which direction you’d like to go with your care.

Whether that’s to continue with care to allow continued stabilization or healing at a deeper level, which will allow you ultimately to perform and function at a higher level with reduced visit frequency.

Or you could see how it goes, which is often the response, recognizing that over the coming weeks and months, your condition may deteriorate or reappear again at which time we can begin care and pick up the pieces and start again.

For more information on our process please read our page on The Importance Of Having an Effective Care Plan

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