Chiro4u Care Plan

The Importance Of Having an Effective Care Plan


After a thorough Chiropractic spinal examination, which will reveal the nature and extent of your spinal condition, the Chiropractor will present a Care Plan designed to obtain the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Periodic re-examinations will be performed and your Care Plan reviewed, along with your health goals. When it is determined that your spinal condition has began to stabilize and you are feeling better, continuing to follow your Care Plan will promote the deeper healing of spinal tissues beyond the symptomatic stage. This optimizes spine and nervous system healing and helps to prevent relapse.

You don’t have to decide now, but be thinking about how you want to use Chiropractic to reach your health goals. An effective Care Plan is the place to start. For the best results from your care so that you can experience the benefits of a healthy spine and nerve system and to achieve your health goals, follow your Care Plan.



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