New Beginnings for Chiro4you with Todd Clinics

I want to share with my patients at Chiro4you Family Chiropractic Centre some of the developments happening at the clinic in 2018, which promises to be an exciting year for everybody!

As you may be aware I have been reducing my hours over the last six months.

That trend will continue into the New Year which will allow me to pursue my interest in equine-care for horses.

This has been a growing passion for me over the last few years and now, after 35 years of practice in the human field, I hope to devote my time to that endeavour in the future.

To assist in this transition I have the expertise and skill of two highly trained and experienced chiropractors: Dr Harrison Todd and Dr Sophie McCorkell. They will be able to provide for you the type of care that you have come to expect at Chlro4you going into the future.

It has truly been an honour and a privilege to provide care for all my patients over many, many years now and I entreat you to trust that I am leaving you In the excellent and caring hands of Dr Harrison and Dr Sophie, who I am certain will continue your care where I leave off ‘and encourage the pursuit of your good health Into the future’.

Steve Treloar

Beth Brewer