Shin Splints

Shin Splints

Commonly called “Shin Splints” the pain and tenderness down the front/inside edge of the lower leg can be excruciating for both adults and young children.  If the muscles along the shin bone became tight, they pull on the sheath (Periosteum), a thin layer of tissue surrounding the bone, which can result in inflammation.

calf-painAvid sportspeople are especially prone to this because of the impact of running on asphalt and hard, unforgiving surfaces such as netball and squash courts.  Abrupt, repetitive changing directions on hard surfaces within training programs and extensive exercising can translate into overuse resulting in shin splints. The risk of shin splints is increased if the person is flat footed and also if there is an inadequate period of rest between sports activities/training.

Shin splints are common with pre-teens children and teenagers active in organized sports which can be linked with intense, initial training without appropriate conditioning and incorrect footwear that does not give the support needed for young, developing bodies.

Following assessment, our Myotherapist’s approach will generally be to perform soft tissue massage to the muscles of the lower and upper muscles of the leg.

It is recommended not to just try to ignore the pain but to make an appointment with our Myotherapist by calling 5244 5438 or booking online.

Beth Brewer